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Mobile Hairdresser Huddersfield hair extensionsFAQs

How long does it take?
A full head can take around 3 / 6 hours.
Half head or highlights around 2 / 3 hours.
Protac tape around 1 ½ hours
Clip ins around 30 minutes

How long will it last?
Strand by strand method will last around 3 months if you have regular maintenance and protac tape upto 8 weeks.

Why do I need maintenance?
Maintenance is essential as all hair sheds, with or without extensions. This is normal as on average you will lose 50 – 100 hairs per day. Therefore your extensions will fall out too as a natural process, the maintenance check will reset and replace any fallen out and tighten any that have loosen.

Will it look natural?
Yes completely, I will balance, fit, cut, colour and blend your extensions in such a way that nobody will be able to tell where your real hair finishes and where your extensions start!

Can I just have highlight?
Yes, this is a great way of adding that colour you have always wanted but you or your hairdresser thought maybe too damaging to be done by chemicals. Hair extensions come in many colours and can be cut to lengths to suit you.

How will it feel?
It will feel completely normal, only when running you fingers through you hair will you feel the little bonds, these will be almost invisible. Obviously the extra weight will take a day or two to get used to but a few days later you will forget they are there!! A few people may experience an itchy scalp for a few days, this is normal as your head is just getting used to the extra weight and length. After a couple of days you will be completely used to your new glamorous full head of hair.

Do I need special shampoo / conditioners?
Most commercial shampoos and conditioners have strong chemicals in them that can break down the bonds over a short period of time, therefore shortening your extensions life time. I have specially designed shampoo and conditioner available starting from only £5.

What preparation do I need to do?
It is essential to prepare properly prior to having extensions and maintenance check done. I will leave you special clarifying shampoo which you will need to use on the day of the fit, NO conditioner or ANY further products can be used on your hair prior to the fit. This will bond the hair better and prolong the life of the extension.

How do I pay?
Payments are cash only and must be paid on the day of the fit. £100 is taken as a non refundable deposit in all cases to pre order the hair. European and Virgin hair is more expensive and would require a 50% deposit of the total cost.

Can I style my hair as normal?
Yes you can, you can use straightners, curling tongs, hot rollers and all other styling equipment.

Can I colour my hair as normal?
Yes of course, keeping the colour away from the bonds will prolong the life of the extension.

Will I need special brushes?
Yes, the tiny bonds will get caught in a regular brush. I will go through this with you showing you what you can and can’t use. I also have brushes for sale.

What happens If I don’t like my extensions?
This rarely happens, but if you are absolutely sure, do not take them out yourself. I offer a full removal service and will guarantee to leave your hair just how it was originally.

How long does my hair need to be to have extensions?
Hair has to be a minimum of 4” long.

Are extensions uncomfortable?
NO, if applied correctly it will feel like your own in a matter of a few days.

Does my hair need a break between hair extensions?
NO, removal of old extensions and new ones fitted can be done in one session.

Can I have my hair cut as I like?
Yes, I am an experienced stylist and can cut any style you wish.

What is a re-set?
A re-set is putting the extension hair back upto the root area, this needs to be done around 3 months after you first had them put in as the bonds become visable and are more prone to tangle up with other bonds at this point.