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Brazilian Blow Dry

NJK Hair is proud to bring you Eternity Liss by Compton London, Eternity Liss is a 2nd generation Brazilian Blow Dry treatment which means you don’t have to wait 4 days to wash your hair after the treatment you could wash your hair on the same day if you choose.

Whether you’ve tight curls, soft waves or movement in your hair a Brazilian blow day is the way to go straight without causing damage. Serums and straighteners will be out of business because after one treatment your hair is left suitably kink-free, touchable soft giving you a blow dry finish for months on end with little effort and since your not putting direct heat on your hair every day with straighteners your hair will grow in better condition and putting a stop to most split ends.

Brazilian Blow Dry will give you

Straightness (without losing the body)
Deep condition
Save time
95% frizz free
Hair not affected by humidity or sweat

Price list  
Short hair  £80
Mid   £110
Long  £145
Conditioning mask £30
After care pack £24

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